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Remote First: The New Way to Build Companies

There has been a massive shift in how we build tech companies. The old way of hiring top tier tech talent was to look for talent 20 miles from company HQ or to find talent willing to relocate. Assuming, of course, that personal preferences or H1B visas weren’t a non-starter. Now, …

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IoT botnet creator cops plea to hacking more than 800,000 devices

Getty Images | Marilyn Nieves A 21-year-old Washington man has pleaded guilty to creating botnets that converted hundreds of thousands of routers, cameras, and other Internet-facing devices into money-making denial-of-service fleets that could knock out entire Web hosting companies. Kenneth Currin Schuchman of Vancouver, Washington, admitted in federal court documents …

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Are You Actually Tech-Savvy or Just Dependent?

We’ve all heard the statistic: Most Americans consider themselves above-average drivers. Just because you think it — is, of course, not reality. In a similar vein, most of us believe ourselves to be tech-savvy when what we really are is merely tech-dependent. We are tech-dependent with our health, our work, …

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