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Vanishing Realms: Crafting a VR RPG as a solo indie dev

Vanishing Realms just exited Early Access and released its massive expansion DLC, The Sundered Rift. We had great things to say in our full review and took some time to send a few questions over Kelly Bailey from Indimo Labs on development of a VR role-playing game that spanned across nearly four …

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The fight over fuel economy rules is getting messy

Getty Images Legal wrangling among the federal government, the state of California, and four automakers who—oddly—are asking for more stringent regulations got even more knotty this month, when the Department of Justice reportedly launched an antitrust probe into companies that struck a deal with California climate regulators. Now some members …

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Small-town startups have a hiring advantage

When you’re trying to hire tech talent in a metropolis, you have to be a billion-dollar company to get the attention of competitive candidates. Startups just can’t compete. Even when your company’s product and culture are a natural fit, candidates simply cannot find you through all the noise. At the …

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Balancing game economies is an art and a science

Game economies are a delicate thing. It doesn’t take much to break them. If players perceive a greedy cash grab by developers, as has happened with controversies around loot boxes, they may boycott the game. But if developers don’t price the items in a free-to-play game correctly, they may be …

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